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Because nobody just opens their expensive notebook, not knowing what to do or how to do it. That's why MXM Upgrade aims to provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to upgrade your notebook. Working together with experienced or at least adventurous notebook owners all over the world, MXM Upgrade's tutorials are once again unique!

Acer 7520G Upgrade

By Dirk Oliviers

Maybe the best review we have, Dirk upgrades his 8400GS to a HD3650 powerhouse!

General Uniwill upgrade Guidelines

Lists the upgrade/replacement options for a series of Uniwill notebooks that are also known as Fujitsu-Siemens, Alienware, Rock, Ahtec,...

Gateway 8550GB Upgrade

This is what MXM-Upgrade is all about: allowing end users to upgrade their notebook and allowing perfectly good notebooks to run the latest games beyond their intended life cycle. Gary upgraded his x700 to a x1900!

We hope other Gateway MXM platforms can benefit from the same upgrade.

By Gary Cole

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M 3438 upgrade.

Making the jump from an aging 6800 to a x1800. Not a walk in the park and not cheap by any means, this brings the FSC equivalent of the Alienware m5700 right back where it belongs: in front of the pack.

This article is now outdated and superseded by this article

By Kris Verbeeck

Shuttle x100 upgraded to x1800

By Paul B. Philipp

One of the few upgrades that actually was easier than we anticipated.. No heatsink mods, no fan circuit mod, no overheating, no nothing. Only tools required: a small screwdriver.

MXM Upgrade's trip to Cebit Hannover 2007

Ad-in, ad-out and DX10.

By Kris Verbeeck

Partial Asus Z84 upgrade

This pictorial describes an upgrade to a 7900GS 512MB card. The card is fully functional but there are some loose ends. The pictures are not the best, but all the info is there.

By Elias Lopez

General guidelines for MXM Upgraders

This is a must read, literally. Whenever we sell a card, we will assume the buyer has read and understands these guidelines. It contains both general guidelines and some specific suggestions.

By Kris Verbeeck

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M 1437/9G upgrade.

Going from a 6600 or x700 to a 6800, this boosts performance quite a bit!

This article is now outdated and superseded by this article

By Juergen 'Topkman' Knacke

Medion 95257/Arima 810

Again, huge performance gain by going from a 6600 to a 6800. Medion is a brand often found in discount stores in Europe (Aldi,...) but apparently they get their hardware from Arima. John also tried a 7900GS, but apparently that did not work out.

If you are part of our beta-tester program, you can take some pointers here. This is exactly the kind of tutorial we expect from you!

By John C., forum

MXM cards benchmarks

Want to know what to expect from a prospect upgrade? Check this comprehensive set of benchmarks, ranging from the 6200, over the 6800 and 7600 up to x1800 and 7900GS GPU's

By Kris Verbeeck

Uniwill 259 upgrade

The Uniwill 259 is also know as Alienware m5500, Ahtec Signal 259M, Addict Hyperaddict, CeBop Hel 750, Jewel Diamond 2600, Rock Pegasus 650, Vigor Ares and probably a dozen others. This guide shows how the MXM card is upgraded from a 6600 card to a GeForce 7600 without much trouble.

Upgraded procedure here. Upgrade to 8600GT.

By Thomas Kabus

Last updated on 24 december 2008

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