Even when solving the obvious compatibility questions (revision, Type, thermal output,...) the MXM world has loads of pitfall and boobytraps for you. Much of these issues come from the fact that notebook manufacturers are not interested by offering you a notebook or MXM card that is widely compatible with the rest of 'the world'.1. They need their card to work in their notebook, any other effort is pointless. This leads to a wide variety of issues.., not all them obvious. And not all of them can be checked out by us. We try to test as many platforms as we can but even if we have tested a platform it does not mean the very same card will work in your identical machine. A bit difficult to explain with respect to your notebook, but pretty easy to demonstrate with a mechanical analogy...


The world as it should be. Imagine a metal plate with a hole in it. Because of manufacturing tolerances, the hole ends up anywhere between 9,9 and 10,1 mm. Now, you want to insert a rod in the hole. Because of the manufacturing process and because an engineer put some thought into this, the rod is anywhere between 9,8 and 9,9 mm. Whatever end of the batch of either the plate or rod you end up with, you'll be able to insert the rod in the plate.

The analogy is obvious: the plate is your notebook, the rod is the MXM module (and nothing else, thanks...)

We can take 1000 of these cards and mix them up with 1000 notebooks of this model and it will work - always.


You have a 9,9 - 10.1 mm plate and a 11 mm rod. You're out of luck.

This can be a number of things: the motherboard can not deliver the current, the bios uses whitelisting of allowed cards, the notebook uses an exostic screen the card is not set up for...

Unfortunately, this can also be down to something configurable (notebook bios, CPU used, amount of memory, motherboard revision, driver used...) which means that even though we tested and approved the upgrade, it may still fail on your desk. We can take 1000 of these cards and mix them up with 1000 notebooks of this model (and configuration) and it will never - ever - work.

Somewhere inbetween

The plate is 9,9 - 10.1 and the rod is 10.0 -10.2 mm. Like an evening in a bar: you might get lucky... or not.

One card may work in your machine and not in your neighbours identical notebook with identical configuration. One card of the same production batch may work in your machine and the other may not... Off all the possibilities, this one is by far the nastiest. Something that works for us may not work for you without any possibility to trace it back to a configuration difference...