To offer information about MXM cards, upgrades, replacements and standards is obviously great but in the end this is not why we set up MXM-Upgrade. We started it to be able to offer replacement cards and upgrades.

Home users

Please note this page does not offer a "Buy Now" option. If you wish, you can navigate to "Platforms -> 3.0 -> Table" to find out more about your own notebook. If we have verified your notebook with a certain card, you will be able to navigate to your notebook specific page and find a "Buy Now" link there.

Type A nVidia GTS 250M 1GB DDR3 - 200€

  • 64 unified pipelines
  • TBD Core Speed
  • TBD Memory Clock
  • 256 memory bus
  • DX10 - 4.0
  • 55nm technology


Type B ATI HD6970 - 2GB GDDR5 - In Stock - 275€ (EU) - 250€ (US)

  • 960 unified pipelines
  • 680MHz Core Speed
  • 900MHz Memory Clock
  • 256 bit memory bus
  • DX11 - Shader 5.0 !
  • 40nm technology

Type B nVidia GTX285 - 1GB GDDR3 - In Stock - 200€

Type B ATI HD7970 - 2GB GDDR5 - In Stock -425€ (EU) - 380€ (US)

So what do you need to do if there is no mention of your notebook table and/or no notebook specific page? You contact us. That easy. We'd be happy to discuss your options with you and advise you what card would be a suitable to experiment with.

The prices listed include premium thermal paste and one year warranty. Prices also include shipping to both US (DHL*) and EU (registered service).

(*) Price also applicable for Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Turkey and Switzerland. For a specific quote for your country, please contact us.

Questions? Something not clear? Need an excuse to convince your better half to buy this card?

Industrial Users

The rules for industrial costumers are simply not the same. Things like long term availability, reliable sourcing, steady supply, large volume handling enter the picture and change the ballgame completely. That is why we are not offering the same range off cards to you. We do not offer cards if we are not 100% sure we can fill any order you have, now and in the near future. Right now, we are offering these cards to our industrial, embedded computing and other high volume costumers:



Type B ATI HD6970 - 2GB GDDR5 - In Stock

  • 900 unified pipelines
  • 680Hz Core Speed
  • 1000MHz Memory Clock
  • 256 bit memory bus!
  • DX11 - Shader 5.0
  • 40nm technology

This is a card that is available as a COTS part but can also be adapted to your specific needs. If you need specific documentation, certification, BOM list adaptation, vBios adaptation,... we can cater to that. However, as soon as you stray from the COTS road the NRE meter starts running.

Even though our supply is currently optimized for the above card(s), we can obviously help you source a wide range of other cards. So whether you need an upgrade, replacement, sample or volume card for your industrial project: do not hesitate to contact us. Not only will we move heaven and earth to help you get the right hardware, we also have tons of good advice available at no extra charge.